SELF x Elegant Magazine

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Photography & Styling – Alix Heru
Jacket: Disorder
Mask: Alix Heru
Models: Pia Cruz, Talli Lyndsey & Sara Christy

Self is a series of images and film by Alix Heru on anti-censorship, satyr on the fashion industry and anti-celebrity.
Fashion advertising is becoming the who and not the what – who we deem celebrity and not what is being sold to us, where the celebrity is who we focus on and not the clothes. We are sold the same ideals and buy the same clothes from the high street rack as our neighbor, where in the end we look the same, removing any individuality.
We are told we have to censor our bodies and hide from the ever judging eyes of the ‘social’ media world, because it is offensive. That the breast, nipple, vagina and penis are something we should all hide whether we want to see it or not – where is our choice?
Self is a series on how I challenge these points, how the subject is faceless and covered with overbearing layers, lifeless and static, and on the other displaying their own individual beauty, free in their own individual way, but still covering the face as to juxtapose censorship. We