What makes your magazine different than other fashion magazines?
ELEGANT Magazine is a collaboration of amateur to professional photographers, make-up artists, hair designers etc. We are proud that our magazine shows worldwide talent and goes on to push and inspire thousands. It’s really easy to get lost in the hundreds of publications on the market today and we are proud each month to publish images from people from all walks, with a passion for fashion to your professional photographer with years under their belt, or even beginning artists.

When do you publish? ELEGANT
Publications release on the 29th of the month.

Are you strictly an online magazine?
No, we are a print on demand publication as well as digital.

Do you pay for commission work?
ELEGANT Magazine is still a relatively new magazine and we are not in a position to pay for any commission work. We are hoping to do so in the near future.

Do you charge for submissions? Why?
NO, unlike other publications we are all about supporting talent. Due to many submissions we receive, it may take longer to receive a response. More information regarding submissions can be found under the submissions Section.

How long does it take to get a response, was I approved or not?
Please give us up to 8 days to receive a response. We are now sending out rejection and approval letters.  If you do not receive one then please try again as the email may not have gone through.

Can photographers and models submit to the magazine?
YES, if you are a talented photographer, model, clothing or jewelry designer, wardrobe stylist, and more we encourage you to submit your work. We are very selective but will review all submissions. We only accept high-quality content. We will need the copyright holder to sign a release form.

How can I get on the cover of ELEGANT Magazine?
Anyone who has their work accepted in our print issue can be on the cover. Close to the date that a new issue comes out, each of our editorial team members will pick an image, from editorials that have been accepted for that particular issue, which we think will look the best as a cover. Our editorial team will then vote for their favorite from the selection. Images with the least votes will be filtered out. We will repeat the same procedure until only one image is left and that image will become the cover.

I was approved to be published in ELEGANT, Do I get a free printed copy?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer free print copies at this time as we are a print on demand publication sold through a third party. We do send high-resolution tear sheets for the team’s portfolio/Print use, upon request at no cost.

When should I expect to receive my tear sheets?
If you have requested them after publication release, it may take up to 3 weeks. Sometimes emails do get lost so if it has been longer please contact us so we can get those out ASAP.

May I send submissions through wetransfer?
NO, Wetransfer limits the time the download link is available. Due to the amount of emails we get daily, it can take us longer than the allowed time to download and files will not be received/reviewed.

Why is the magazine so Expensive?
Please note that we are a print on demand publication reason why the cost is high. We have tried to make ELEGANT as affordable as possible by spreading out the publication into 80-90 page issues. Every month we have a total of about 1200 pages in total, sometimes more, but we have to divide them in to 10 or more separate issues. It would be impossible and way to expensive to have in just one issue with the company we work with.

I cannot order and have a magazine shipped to Russia or Serbia. Why?
Essentially we cannot currently offer shipping to Russia and Serbia due to problems with customs (ranging from orders going missing to delays of a month or more in customs, to excessively high customs charges which customers were refusing to pay.  We do not know if/when this will change but for now, we still do not offer shipping to Russia and Serbia.

Do you supply Pull Letters?
We will supply letters on request, please read the following suggestions before inquiring:
* We need to see a full plan of the story to approve, this includes team credits and model options.
* You accept, we may not run the story once it is complete if it does not suit the issue.
* Supply full contact information for both the photographer and the stylist.

Do you have other questions that have not been answered? Great!

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