Electric Wind

Photography Post. Alex Sedano Make-Up: Regina Capdevila Models: Penelope Heilmann, Eva Dunham

Hair Mate

Photography: Pawel Grabowski Illustration: Agata Maria Bieć Hair: Tymoteusz Pięta Make-Up: Ada…

Beauty in the deep

Photographer:  Alexander Le’Jo Model: Brittany Harvey Make-Up: Megan Morris

Tangled Dreams

Photographer: Victor Prévost Debaisieux Model: Elisabeth at IMM Make-Up & Hair: Virginie…

Spotted Beauty

Photographer: Dirk Seidler Model: Noora Laapi Hair & Make-Up: The Queen

Luxury Desire

Photographer: Dennis Klein Make-Up & Hair: Cristina Bonet Fashion Editor & Nail…

In Bloom

Woman of the Aura has no particular color of her true nature….

In This Twilight

Photographer: Josephine Cardin Model: Marie Vaccarello

Pastel Frida

Photographer: Lorna Milburn Illustrations and paper floral crown by: Willa Gebbie Hair…