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Frequent Questions

How can I get a print copy in my country?

If you are trying to purchase a printed copy and cannot get shipping to your location, please contact us with the publication of interest so that we can forward a link to another one of our vendors.

What makes your magazine different than other fashion magazines?

ELEGANT Magazine is a collaboration of amateur to professional photographers, make-up artists, hair designers and more. We are proud that our magazine shows worldwide talent and goes on to push and inspire thousands. It’s really easy to get lost in the hundreds of publications on the market today and we are proud each month to publish images from people from all walks, with a passion for fashion to your professional photographer with years under their belt, or even beginning artists.

Are you strictly an online magazine?

No, we are a print on demand publication as well as digital that is sold globally.

Do you pay for commission work?

ELEGANT Magazine is still a relatively new magazine and we are not in a position to pay for any commission work.

What email do I send my submissions to?

We are no longer reviewing submision through email. Please send all submissions through our new platform HERE.

How long does it take to get a response, was I approved or not?

We have now added options for a faster response on your submission.

  • Up to 14 days on standard submissions (Free)
  • Up to 7 days. Includes feedback if you are not accepted and a free digital copy if approved. $10.99
  • Up to 72Hrs You will receive tears the same day that your work is released and free digital copy if approved. $24.99
When should I expect to receive my tear sheets?

Tear Sheets are sent out within 3 weeks after the release of our final issue release. (unless you paid for priority service) There is no need to request them.

Do you supply Pull Letters?

We will supply letters on request, please read the following suggestions before inquiring;

  • We need to see a full plan of the story to approve, this includes team credits and model options.
  • You accept, we may not run the story once it is complete if it does not suit the issue.
  • Supply full contact information for both the photographer and the stylist.
Why do my images look distorted in the digital?

The reason that we space/double up images in the digital issue is to prevent the image from being over-cropped. This prevents from resulting in the model from loosing limbs and making the image unflattering when the publication is printed.

Have a Question? Need help?

Founded in May 2013 by Francisco Valencia, Elegant is a Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Conceptual art magazine that is published monthly in digital format as well as Print. We here at Elegant, focus on creative minds from around the world, we are a gateway for aspiring artists, who deserve recognition for their work. We publish whether they are amateur, student, semi-professional or professional.

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