Green tea, red lipstick, green smoothie, faith, singing songs out loud, loving people, long deep conversations, against the system, and of course lots of oil paints – that’s pretty much me. I chose art as a main way to communicate with the world and with myself. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t chosen it, but art has chosen me, because it takes over my mind with such a huge power that it is hard to say who is the boss. I’ve been painting since middle school, like all the kids I guess, but I never grew out of it.

You know when you become an adult you should get serious and face the reality. But I have had a problem with the reality since then. I didn’t feel like other people’s reality was the best way to live my life. Instead, I chose to follow my own dream. I kept learning and improving my skills as an artist first in the art school in Ukraine, where I was born, then I took private lessons, and then I was left on my own to discover new things and experiment. I’ve always been fascinated by masters like Leonardo DaVinci, Michaelangelo, and Caravaggio. They all have excellent skills and it is difficult to ever become like them. But I love Van Gogh just as much and he wasn’t that skilled, but something brightens people’s souls when they look at his art. This is the purpose of art – to brighten the soul, to deliver the message, to make a statement. And this is what I do.

My new collection called “Spotlight” . The people I painted were encouragement for me in my creative life. And I’ve chosen to paint them now because they have something to tell you. I want you to be reminded of how strong you are, and that life is so short that you absolutely have to follow your heart. When people say, ”I am who I am,” they’re wrong. It should be, ”I am who I mean to be.” And if you are not, do something about it. You have something beautiful to give to this world and maybe one day an artist will paint your portrait and talk about how much of a difference you’ve made in the world. I wan to invite you to join my “Unforgettable breakfast” email series and is not about the food, but about who you are sharing it with. I want to invite you for e-breakfast with 9 amazing people and learn from them. You can join me here for a great experience.