Photographer & Retouch: Vicky Reder
Model: Lola Westwood
Make Up: Sara Chris
Outfit: Davide Monaco

I’m Lola, model from Udine but moved in Milan, in love with pose since 2009.
Dedicated to alternative modeling, I usually make several experiments and genres, from nude art and glamour to fashion and beauty.
I started to pose pushed by my curiosity, for fun than for vanity, and quickly learned that playing with myself and thousand different faces can be quickly a great passion: I do like to stage the real me and my alter ego.
When I’m in front of the camera the feeling si always like the very first time: you can’t ever feel ready.
Recently I am experimenting new genres and, giving great emotion, this pushes me to proceed on my path. Each step made me proud and happy to get more involved.
My future? I hope to get always better and better and I would like to work in alt fashion world.
As any love relationship, even mine with photography has sometimes some “crisis”, but I know that I can’t live without it.