Concept and realization by DVT Handcrafted Hair
Photography: Grayson Lauffenburger
Hair: Danny DVThair
Make-up: Alisa Kolb
Styling Lizzy DVThair with Alwa Petroni clothes
Models: Lexy Hell, Elizabeth, Nadine

Until today, Berlin is a magnet that spelled its cast over underground scenes and AvantGarde. Since decades Berlin is constantly developing and never reaching a finishing point. Berlin is a playground for creative minded people and innovations.
A network bringing together creative minds and innovators from all over the world. Berlin with its history and its talent to change.
This ancient brand-new city constantly reinventing itself and still remaining the same fundamental fertile soil for alternative culture to blossom.
We took you on a journey through the checkered subculture….
In the end it is not possible to explain the essence of Berlin – Berlin is a mystery – Berlin is inspiration – DVt HANDCRAFTED HAIR shows you their own interpretation in “ALTERNATIVE BERLIN”