Photography: Brit Woollard Photography
Model: Leah Velocity
Make-up & hair: Kat Dejesus
Wardrobe: Leah Velocity
Wigs: Penny Dreads & Wigs

Leah’s tattoos are rich with symbolism, with an emphasis on line work and subtle detail. From toes up, they are: mathematical “greater than” and “equal to” symbols in bold black on the tops of her feet, orientated to remind that whatever lies on the path ahead it can be overcome. A squid in the shape of an Ouroboros, originally designed by UK artist Sineater, on the hip reiterates that everything moves cyclically, through life and death. Her biggest piece adorns her chest, bearing the Latin word “admonito” which is the root of our English “admonish:” a kind and caring, almost maternal, reprimand or warning. This sentiment has ever evolving meaning and relevance, but the added decoration of filigree, and ankh and henna-styled line work has added more depth- a beautiful caution still reaffirming the power of life. On the back of Leah’s neck, a colorful piece with an infinity symbol constructed by twin Fibonacci spirals insists that everything is forever perfect as it is. This sunburst leads up to a strange design, a tri-pupiled Eye of Horus resting inside a triangle of bones, laid over a cool and colorful glow, with meanings less concrete but rooted in the vision of death and hindsight. Leah’s preferred artist is her beloved partner Kiana Kangaroopaw, who is currently based in Seattle, WA.

Leah Velocity, professional freelance model or experiential enthusiast? Just as likely to be found trekking through a jungle- bug-bitten and covered in mud, as gracing a magazine cover, she is forever striving to rid her life of duality and live fully. Having survived a cancerous brain tumor that she was diagnosed with at the young age of 22, and coming upon her 25th birthday, this adventuress is currently traveling the world absorbing culture, joy and experience, as well as looking for “greener” pastures to educate and work in the field of Sustainable Housing Design. After taking modeling classes at a young age in her Colorado origins, she was told her interest in technicolor hair, body modification, and unusual posing would disallow her from working in the industry. Yet, somehow she found herself working full time, with success, as a traveling model by the age of 19 when continuing her education became too great a financial risk to willingly take. Striking and memorable is her unique look, but even moreso her creativity and emotive capabilities in front of the camera. A strong advocate for body-positivity and self love, Leah believes that both the fashion and art worlds can and will benefit from the slow influx of variety in the modeling pool. A fire performer, builder, clown, chef, designer and forever a dancer and student of life- there is no telling what new hats Leah Velocity may wear in the future. Stay tuned to her adventures and modeling work over at