Photographee: Raoul Beltrame
Model: Zoe Cristofoli
Assistant Photographer: Francesco Rocco
Stylist: Eleonora Ardenghi
Make-up & Hair: Anamaria Vasile
Wardrobe: Nolo150 Props & Fashion, Italy – Noleggio props & fashion ricostruzione set fotografici e video


When she arrived in California via Los Angeles’ LAX it seemed like sunshine just radiated from every person she met. The people were different from her hometown, especially in their free-spirited attitudes and fashions. They were these creative, sexy, independent-dressing men and women, and she noticed an ethereal quality in the way they moved. She felt very much at home.

There was no need to feel afraid of fitting in with this active fast-moving culture, as her rigorous dance training instilled within her a current of strength and ability to change while holding onto self-expression. She floats among her surroundings with a calm grace, and even the rougher aspects of city life leave her unaffected. She shrugs: “The boulevard is not that bad”, as she reflects on how she feels more open to everything around her. In return, she feels embraced by all of it – she loves the magic of life and lives naturally and effortlessly, not burdening herself with the meaning of life – just accepting what is.

Perhaps past hard times have brought out her real beauty and the ability to see past the trivial and mundane, and have shaped her particular brand of creativity. She is not one to grab at success, but to experience all that life can bring her way with a quiet saving grace. There may be times in the limelight where she can shine her talents, but there are also times in the shadows where she waits unnoticed like a saving angel. She is a dreamer, an observer, and always…a tiny dancer.

~ Deb Reynolds