Photographer: John Martinotti, Josh Diamond
Models: Kyla Bacon & Grace Caroline
Hair & Make-up Artist: Juel Bergholm
Fashion editor & Wardrobe: Lisa Marie
Light Grips & Photo Assistant: Tim Lawrence & Jomer Siasat
Operations Director & Pilot: Jim Jenkins
Ground Crew Manager & Pilot: Drew Jenkins & Barry Smith
Location: North Cascade Vintage Aircraft Museum

Freelance Editorial Fashion Photographer and Fashion Producer John J. Martinotti have always found ways of making his visions come to life. The project “Blast from the Past” took three months to plan, coordinate and produce all the logistics of the photo shoot on location. Incorporating mint condition restored vintage airplanes and an old perfectly restored BMW motorcycle as the center piece backdrops that pulled all elements together on this fashion shoot.

Designer and fashion Stylist Lisa Marie and Photographer John Martinotti really worked closely together to make sure the right models for this project. During the being phases of the casting call; here is a 14 year old model already that probably has more worldly travels and accomplishment than most models at the age of 18 through 20 years old. An accomplished pianists playing Beethoven’s Fur d’ Elise without batting an eye at the age of 7; Has lived in Tokyo, Japan; Studied the Art of Ikebana and was featured in Japanese Wall Street Journal; Along with modeling and acting in a Yamaha commercial; Producing a professional CD in musical studies and attended IMTA in New York where she won a Commercial Print Award and the list of her accomplishments goes on. Both Lisa and I realized we had our second model. As a photographer that never worked with her before, I had my reservations about Grace Caroline, but Lisa Marie, laid that to rest, with her experience and saw something in Grace Caroline. On the day of the shoot everything fell together as planned and I knew I had something special that met my expatiations.

As for the second model Kyla, about a year earlier, I had the pleasure of assisting another photographer who put together a fashion shoot for a local fashion designer who happened to be using model Kyla Bacon. Kyla has a vast array of modeling gigs under her belt. Every photographer I have spoken with including my hair and makeup artist, Juel Bergholm said, “Kyla is the real deal. Every shot, pose and take Kyla wows you.” Like before, she is a photographer’s dream and has the makings to become a super model and that is no exaggeration! When I photographed her a year ago, I was memorized by her beauty and grace on the set. Her on stage presence and was poetry in motion orchestrated to express a designer’s creation. Kyla is easy going attitude along with and her extensive experience makes any photographer’s job fun. In fact the hardest part was trying to decide which image to decide on for they were all “great.” As a student studying to be a nutritionist, Kyla has recently been accepted to Central Washington University where she hopes to gain the knowledge that will help others live healthier lives. Her passion for nutrition can only be rivaled by her love of modeling and fashion.

For me as a fashion photographer and producer, one cannot cross the finish line without a great team and that is exactly what I had. The wealth of knowledge and specialized expertise help make my vision of old WW II Hollywood look come back to life. I wanted to capture a time of fashion where the United States was emerging from the depression and already and immersed in WW II and the glamor of Hollywood actresses and fashion was simply a beauty of elegance. With that said, that became the inspiration and launching pad for this project begins.

Before I started this project research was needed to understand the era of fashion; I wanted to capture in the vintage aviation style with hints of old Hollywood where both models were able to pull that look and feel off. Tapping into Lisa Marie’s wealth of knowledge and her “huge” and I do mean “huge” inventory of designs Lisa has created and purchased was a blessing. With her expertise and collaboration help me create the look and feel to capture that jaundra of old Hollywood romance of the 1940’s I wanted to produce. The overall goal of this project is to showcase a time from the past in today’s society and get it published. It has been some time since fashion magazines have published this style of fashion that portrays women in a utilitarian Maxine fashion with the glamor of Hollywood that redefined women’s post-war fashion style that has become more austere as the years went by. It was a blast from the past that still captures and inspires the hearts of many women and designers of today and now is the time to show it off once again.

Special thanks to Photographer Josh Diamond and the Light Grips and Photo Assistance: Tim Lawrence and Jomer Siasat and the best for last: Operations Director and Pilot: Jim Jenkins
Ground Crew Manager and Pilot: Drew Jenkins and BARRY SMITH, President North Cascade Vintage Air Museum