Yoh the Shaolin – Astral Sex (Prod. PLC)

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Engineered/Mixed/Mastered: Osaro Ogedengbe

It was mad hot,
The rain poured,
It was a subtle symphony i wield chaos when it gets wet Another time stop, we liquify and reflect
But I hear that the body becomes a symphony when gods Proceed to connect,
I connected you shivered,
The crickets heckled as my mind ran,
Spells worked after sparking magic and dropping mind gems, If it was up to me id proly scramble ethereal and ephemeral, Crack the desert’s sands to dream of wielding master Emeralds and blackout,

Ooh i’d blackout, black out ooh i’d blackout

Sometimes i let my my run,
Often it escapes me,
Patience is the key to which i apply to the vile
A vile of absolute just for my birthday,
Amalgamous calamities equate destruction,
Fractured thoughts perched in my hallway,
Sometimes the feels make me numb so i feel not,
Sometimes i feel it all and feel my foot anchored to floor and The tiles crack and the drop is most amazing,
You caught me,
I swear the drop was most amazing.

Can we be, a little more than, friends this time.

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