Photographer: Alf Caruana
Model: Bliss Abrahams
Body Stocking: kornelias kloset

my tattoos are my armour, my secrets and my mantras. They hold energy within them and give me strength every moment they are a part of me.

Nude girl for business and pleasure. Introverted extrovert walking my path in life. Found freedom in my exposure, my rope, my commitment to my body modification and the energy created in and between. Here I share parts of myself, slices of my being for you to interpret as you will. My images are pieces of me that I must shed and share. I get tattooed for aesthetics and to feed my masochistic nature. I enjoy suffering for my art: my modelling, my rope, my tattoos, my vulnerability and sheer insanity. I am just a little human animal living as honestly as I can.

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